Medical & Health Care Equipment

Huihui Xin manufactures and designs medical interfaces with the highest reliability including applications such as hospital beds, defibrillators, IV pumps, sterilization chambers, etc. Do you need an overlay material to withstand medical cleaning solutions, ESD protection, tactile domes with a crisp snap and long life, LEDs for functionality, or full assembly? You can count on us.

Industrial Controls

Harshest environment and durability requirements necessary for industrial controls. We solutions including gas pumps, power distribution, process automation, well pumps and etc. We will guide you from choosing materials to mounting adhesives. Huihui Xin is your right choice.

Health & Fitness Equipment

Membrane Switches are the perfect choice to mechanical switches in fitness equipment. Our switches can be actuated a minimum of 1,000,000 times prior to any failure. These membrane keypads are water resistant and are easily cleaned with household cleaners. The cost effectiveness and high quality of membrane switches make them the perfect complement to your products.

Huihui Xin supplies a diverse range of diagnostic, detection and measurement instrumentation, including membrane switch assemblies used in laboratory as well as harsh outdoor applications.

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